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As a legal entity, Signator Audit Limited is in possession of a licence authorising auditing activities (chamber registration number: 000753), which extends to financial and budgetary institutions.
Our methodology is characterized by preventive inspections, accompanied by continuous business consultation. Besides classical auditing, our inspections are also extended to supervision of all tax categories. Our interim inspections enable the preclusion of possible errors before preparation of the annual report.
Our activities span almost all areas of business life; at present we are involved with the following:
- industrial production
- commerce
- services
- agriculture
- transportation
- hotels and restaurants
- co-operative savings associations
- local governments
- pension funds
- budgetary institutions
- educational institutions
- hospitals
Signator Audit Limited provides accountancy services for several nationally and even internationally known companies and audit their annual reports, in some cases reports prepared in line with regulations of their mother countries. We also carry out tax consultancy and economic consultancy.
We carry out auditing activities not only in our immediate surroundings, but also throughout the whole country, from firms with several billion forints equity to quite small companies. We have links with enterprises of all types and sizes.
We are at our partners’ disposal with the following:
- auditing annual reports in line with the provisions of the Accountancy Law
- auditing concern packages prepared for foreign parent companies
- auditing asset and liability statements
Tax consultancy
Our colleagues expert in foreign languages provide high level assistance with the following tasks, which service is in the fee of the contract signed with our permanent partners. We undertake some parts of these tasks on the basis of ad hoc engagement agreement.
- reviewing tax returns
- assistance through tax management procedure, consultancy
- business consultancy
- representation of foreign partners, preparing tax declaration
- preparing personal income tax declaration
Business consultancy
Prepared colleagues are at our partners’ disposal to present the newest changing in order to prepare the important decision in the possession of up-to-date information.
- firm foundation, business plan
- buying/selling firms
- transformation
- tax- and financial review (due diligence)
Other services
Beside our main profile we also perform the following services:
- judicial expertise
- internal control
- preparing accounting policy, regulations
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